Training Italian Language

Centre for Training Italian Language
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DURATION DAY  :90 days ( from 2 may to 25 July 2024)
FACULTY:  Italian Language
CAMPUS:  La Nostra Africa – Italian Language School , BOLOGNA – ITALY


Standard Italian Course for Foreigners– A2

1) Target knowledge and skills

The aimof this courseisto take studentsto the A2 levelor threshold, asdefinedby the Common European Framework of Reference for Languagesof the Councilof Europe.
This courseis intended for those who have an elementary know ledge of the Italian language (A1) and who therefore.
They can include communication situations, albeitnot very complex. The course includes activities for the consolidation and development of oral and written comprehension and production.
2) Contents
Communication objectives

-     Understandfrequentlyusedphrasesand expressionsrelatedto areasof immediate
-     Communicatein simple, routine tasks thatrequirea simpleexchangeof
      information on familiarand common topics;
-     Describein simpletermsaspectsof yourbackground and the environmentyou live in.
-     Express immediate needs;
-     Understandsimpleoraland writtentexts;
-     Expressing oneself orally and in particular: greeting, talking on the phone, asking and giving
      personal information, to indicate the time, to make requests, to describe objects;
-     Write letters and describe situations concerning objects and people;
-     Express your personal opinions;
-      Ask for clarification and explanations;
-      Describe your physical appearance, personality, studies;
-      Recount past events;
-      Understand short and simple written texts, such as postcards, e-mails,
      cooking recipes; understand the purpose of a message; Locate specific information in notices and     
      simple informational texts; Understand simple oral monological texts spoken slowly
-     modalverbs(duty, power, will);
-     impersonalverbs;
-     interrogative expressions;
-     ordinaland cardinal numerals;
-     possessive and demonstrativeadjectivesand pronouns;
-     directand indirectpronouns;
-     tonicpronouns;
-     the pastparticipleagreement;
-     the adverbsof mode, time and frequency;
-     relative pronouns;
-     the comparative and the superlative;
-     prepositions;
-     Verbtenses.
Lexicon :

-     The seasons and the weather
-     Food and drink
-     Fashion and clothes
-     sportsand leisureactivities;
-     Trades and professions
-     body parts
-     Disseminationmedia
-     The family
-     the house, the furniture
-     Life atuniversity
-     The world of work